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Undergraduate Courses at Penn State

METEO 414 - Mesoscale Meteorology: A survey of conceptual models and analysis techniques for mesoscale atmospheric features.

METEO 431 - Atmospheric Thermodynamics

graduate Courses at Penn State

METEO 529 - Mesoscale Dynamics:

METEO 597: Weather, Climate, and Society:

MARN 2060 Introduction to Coastal MeteorologyIntroduction to the structure, circulation and thermodynamic processes within the Earth's atmosphere. This includes the development of the seasons, wind, precipitation and storms. Weather phenomena impacting the coastline, including sea breezes, coastal convection, waterspouts and hurricanes are highlighted. 

PHYS 1401QGeneral Physics with Calculus: Quantitative study of the basic facts and principles of physics. The laboratory offers fundamental training in physical measurements. 

Undergraduate Courses at UConn

Graduate Courses at UConn

MARN 5064Air-Sea Interaction: Processes controlling the exchange of momentum, heat and mass across the air-sea interface. Topics include atmospheric and oceanic stratification, wind-wave-current interaction, wave breaking, bubble generation, heat budgets, flux parameterizations and instrumentation.

MARN 5067 Synoptic Meteorology: Fundamental processes of atmospheric synoptic meteorology, including the governing equations of motion, atmospheric stability, quasi-geostrophic theory, extratropical cyclogenesis and frontogenesis. 

MARN 5898 - Special Topics: Coupled Dynamics of the Ocean and Atmosphere: The role of air-sea coupling on coastal mesoscale atmospheric phenomena is studied through numerical case study analyses. 

MARN 5995 - Special Topics: Polar Climate: Fundamental processes of Earth's polar climate system across a range of timescales are examined through lectures and discussion of seminal scientific papers. In particular, key factors than govern the evolution of Antarctic climate, from synoptic to millennial time scales, are explored. 

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